New Human Resource Manager at Phuket’s ‘hottest’ 5-star resort!

Nook-Dee Boutique Resort by Andacura Premium is happy to announce the appointment of Khun Montha Pengklay as our new Human Resource Manager.

Khun Montha who formerly worked for leading 5-star resorts such as the La Flora Resort and the Sarojing Resort is a refreshing new breeze in the resort to refine the Human Resource concept at our very successful resort even more.

Her main-responsibilities, besides implementing a new custom-made human resource manual, will be to enhance the charms of Nook-Dee Resorts employees and let them re-discover the charms of Thailand, Thailand’s culture and beauty and habits. The goal is that all guests of our cute 5-star boutique resort at Phuket will be able to leave our resort as true ambassadors for our beautiful country and resort.

Khun Montha truly understands the fact that ‘Thainess’ in our time is often misunderstood, not only in the world but also with Thai people themselves, as too much focus is given to the aristocratic shapes, styles, and concepts of our ancient cities ‘Ayuthaya’ and ‘Sukhothai’.

At ‘Nook-Dee’, our focus is on the everyday life of Thai people and on the charms and grace of our beloved Thai people.

We are very proud that Khun Montha joined us and we are confident that she will be a very important part of making Nook-Dee Boutique Resort even more famous and help us to implement even more ‘Nook-Dee service concepts’, even better service behaviours for our team and of course create even more career posiblities for our charming employees.


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